In 2008, Frank Gjata (founder of MyNakedGuru eCards) launched www.MyNakedGuru.com – a unique website that sends out a personally-written text message at a random time to wake people up in the moment to help them stay on their path. (Sign up is free at www.MyNakedGuru.com.) These popular messages were found not only to be insightful and inspiring, but also to often contain a refreshing and humorous twist or vantage point.

With the intention of making these fun “notes” more accessible and shareable, MyNakedGuru eCards was born.

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Frank Gjata is on a mission is to raise consciousness around the world in a fun, lighthearted (and sometimes, even quirky) way. In 2011, he launched www.Blississippi.com – a website that features unique tools, companies and services that support people to wake up, discover and live their bliss…This is his personal bliss. A few of the free offerings on the site are: www.Humangels.com, www.FreeIn123.com, www.LiveFrank.com and www.EveryoneHasABuddhaBelly.com.

Frank is also a writer, speaker and coach. As a coach, he offers the freeing and transformational practice of “acKNOWLEDGE IS POWER!” (www.acKNOWLEDGEisPOWER.com). Frank ignites organic change and blissful journeys through the practice of acknowledging the truth in the moment, unconditional acceptance, authentic communication and the breaking of old unconscious patterns—and, once again, delivers it all with a sense of humor.

Frank not only provides inspiration for the heart and soul, but also the skin. www.ConsciousInk.com features the first-ever full line of inspiring, empowering and healing temporary tattoos.

He’s currently writing a book on the power and practicality of living our bliss on a daily basis.

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